Pandasoft Video Converter for Windows

Pandasoft Video Converter converts .mkv files to mpg files by using a selection of utility programs found on the internet.

Converts DTS Audio to AC3 Audio for PS3 that can be used on other media player devices and to AAC for iPhone/Xbox360 devices


Click to download the latest Pandasoft Video Converter for PS3/Xbox 360/iPhone/iPad/Galaxy (64MB) Requires .NET framework 4.0

Unzip and run the msi file.

Click here to download Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Web Installer)

or Click here to download Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Standalone Installer) (50MB)






iPhone Sample
Download converted file to iPhone 3GS

Source Code is now on GitHub so you can fix the bugs!


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v1.70.162.0 - 26th July 2014
  • Added Samsung UHD TV device - converts down to 4096 x 2160
  • Updated: FFmpeg 2.3
  • Updated: 64bit version of FFmpeg used on 64bit O/S
  • Code posted on GitHub
v1.60.154.0 - 13th May 2014
  • Updated: FFmpeg 2.1.1
  • Updated: 64bit version of FFmpeg used on 64bit O/S
  • Code posted on GitHub
  • Conversion from HEVC to x.264 for older devices
v1.50.151.0 - 11th Jan 2014
  • User Interface refresh (metro look)
  • Added: support for Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Updated: FFmpeg 2.1
  • Updated: MKVToolNix v6.7.0
v1.21.141.0 - 17th March 2013
  • Updated: FFmpeg 1.2
  • Updated: Eac3to 3.27
  • Updated: MKVToolNix v6.1
v1.20.136.0 - 11th November 2012
  • Added: support for Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Fix: Force FFmpeg temp files to working folder
v1.11.131.0 - 20th October 2012
  • Added: WD TV Live Media player - conversion of unsupported WMV(WMV-1/WMV-2) files to the supported MKV(H264,AC3)
v1.10.128.0 - 7th October 2012
  • Added: WD TV Live Media player - conversion of unsupported FLV (VP6) files to the supported FLV(H264)
  • Updated: Upgrade FFMpeg to v1.0 and use inbuilt aac library
  • Updated: Make progress bar work with FFMpeg
  • Updated: HTML5 video - improved quality for .ogv and .webm
v1.00.125.0 - 1st October 2012
  • Added: HTML5 video - Initial support for producing HTML5 video formats with HTML boilerplate
  • Added: WD TV Live Media player - Experimental: streamline MKV files removes audio/subtitles tracks that are not the users preferred language. (Note: The repackage of the MKV seems to fix some MKV files that don't play on devices such as Hisense media player)
v0.95.122.0 - 13th June 2011
  • Added: Blu-ray disk image - ready to burn to Blu-ray media
  • Added: AVCHD disk image - ready to burn to disk/memory stick
  • Added: Generic Media Player device - converts MKV to MPG, includes DTS stream
v0.94.121.0 - 7th June 2011
  • Added: Force Video re-encode option for PS3
  • Added: TrueHD to AC3 conversion for PS3
  • Fix: Extract video bit rate
  • Upgraded: Mkvtoolsnix to latest
  • Upgraded: MediaInfo to latest
v0.93.116.0 - 22nd April 2011
  • Added: DTS-MA to DTS/AC3 conversion
v0.92.113.0 - 19th March 2011
  • Change: Output tab is now first in sequence.
  • Bug Fix: User selected subtitles not being used
v0.91.111.0 - 25th February 2011
  • Add: AutoUpdater - checks for updates on startup unless you turn off the option in the About box
  • Bug Fix: Make sure saved source folder doesn't prevent startup
  • Updated: Eac3to to 3.24
v0.90.100.0 - 31st December 2010
  • Add: Initial Subtitle support
  • Add: Initial Language support (eng/ger)
v0.87.98.0 - 4th June 2010
  • Add: Initial iPad support
  • Add: Message to remind user to select output settings first
  • Bug Fix: Make sure users settings are kept on upgrade (after installing this version)
v0.86.95.0 - 9th May 2010
  • Add: Improved support for Xbox360
  • Add: Support for FLAC Audio inside MKV files
v0.85.93.0 - 4th May 2010 (Star Wars Day - May the fourth be with you....)
  • Initial Xbox360 support (for streaming via Twonky Media/TVersity)
v0.80.90.0 - 24th April 2010
  • Switch to Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0
  • .NET 4.0 is now required to be installed.
  • Add Ogg to iPhone support
  • Make ringtone an option for iPhone audio only conversion
v0.72.61.0 - 2nd April 2010
  • Add Drag and Drop files into conversion list
v0.72.59.0 - 27th March 2010
  • Make sure VMWorkstation 7 video files get converted to PS3 compatible files
  • Update support for converting Mpg files with DTS to PS3 compatible files
  • BugFix: Clears list of files once complete
  • BugFix: Progress bar now works for eac3to DTS conversion (includes pass 2)
v0.71.54.0 - 21st March 2010
  • BugFix: Progress bar now works when extracting using MKVExtract
  • Update support for multi-core processors
  • DVD conversion to PS3 (only 2 Channel)
v0.70.51.0 - 14th March 2010
  • BugFix: Eac3to now used to convert DTS sound to AC3 sound for PS3 - prevents sound issues
  • Convert DVD to iPhone and PS3 - limited to title 1 conversion
  • Working folder configuration - set to your fastest drive
  • Right click on converted file in log to view converted file.
v0.65.49.0 - 2nd March 2010
  • FFMPeg now used to convert DTS sound to AC3 sound for PS3 and AAC for iPhone
  • .Mkv file conversion for iPhone



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